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How to Stay Sane
In A World Going Mad

'This book made me chuckle. Good medicine for pretty nuts times...'
Jamie Catto - 1 Giant Leap

‘A call to self-empowerment & self-love. Strong, authentic, direct, and kind,

it put a bounce in my step and a smile on my face.’
- Mac Macartney
Speaker, writer, & Changemaker


This is a 'Spiritual Survival Guide' for how to stay sane & THRIVE in these somewhat confusing times we are living in - DESPITE all the seeming chaos around us. Designed to help you navigate these tricky times, change the planet, & live an awesome happy fulfilling life.

It will give you a ‘bigger picture’ of what is happening on the Earth right now - & offers tips & tools for how to simplify your life, live more how you WANT to live, & how to stay calm, peaceful & balanced - in this time.

It is quite literally - a Manual for these times.



You can find a copy of the book here

The book has been written during my time (4 years) of living Off the Grid - offers light-hearted UPbeat juicy wisdom for these nutty modern times.
 It is illustrated with kooky spiritual cartoons -

by ace cartoonist & friend of mine Rosie Balyuzi.

I hope you enjoy it!


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