How can we use these times of Challenge – to usher in a new Era of CHANGE?

Right now – something quite extraordinary is happening…we are UNITED. All 7 billion of us – facing the same threat. Corona. Could we use this unprecedented situation – terrible though it looks from the outside – to usher in a new era of Positive & profound Change? Could it be that this virus is – in fact – a gift, not a curse. Could it be that it is here to teach us something?
I know my words will potentially trigger some of you reading this – & I am sorry if any of you have lost loved ones to this virus – but the truth is – this corona-virus seems to have brought our entire Global system – one that is based on endless economic growth, progress at-all-costs, & essentially a ‘raping’ of our beautiful Earth… to come to a grinding halt. Which is kinda amazing! Right now, hardly anyone on our planet is flying ANYWHERE, our skies are clearing up, animals & wildlife are returning to their rightful habitats again, & Pollution levels across the entire globe are reducing astronomically. That – is epic.
And most amazingly of all… we are all being given a BREAK from supporting this very same system that has been hungrily ruining our planet for so long – & the chance to think about how we are living – & what we are doing with our precious lives, & our precious Earth…
This is an unprecedented time… a Unique time. Just as climate change was beginning to spiral out of control… the universe gives us THIS. The chance to step back from our ‘normal’ lives – & THINK. Ponder. Wonder. Re-assess. Our trance-like state has been forcibly broken. So maybe, in fact, this is not a mistake. Maybe we are being forced to bring about much-needed CHANGE in our lives. Maybe this virus is forcing that to happen. Maybe, in fact, this is a gift. Not a curse.

For the 1st time in EONS it seems – we all actually have some space & time available to think – so Could we, I challenge us, use this time to to start thinking about HOW we might CHANGE our lives, the way we live, act & do, becuase, truth be told, I don’t think we are about to go back to any kind of ‘normal’. This virus was sent here to shake us up – & shaking us up it is – it is forcing us to look at how we are treating the world, each other, & in fact – ourselves. It is forcing us TO SLOW DOWN… & to take a look at what in our lives – is making us unhappy. So our challenge – from this point on, is to see this time as an opportunity.. I challenge you to look for the positive in all of this…& not get ‘hooked’ by the fear.
Let us use this time POSITIVELY… there is no need to fear. Trust me. I encourage you to breathe into any place inside you that feels ‘fear’, & give that place inside you a MASSIVE HUG! Give tenderness to the small boy or girl inside every one of us that is freaking out right now! & try shifting your focus to the energy of excitement, freedom, & potential instead! Lets CHANGE. Together. Let see if we can change how we do things here… as individuals, & as a species. There was never a better time to change. So shall we let out a huge collective sigh of relief – as we realise ‘Oh my god! Ive been living life this way because I thought that was the ONLY way – o good lord – its been making me SO UNHAPPY – & in fact – jesus christ! I cant wait to change how I live my life! Maybe this is the perfect time to make some changes.’

Could we all do that?


Aaaaah. Thats better… I needed that…

Our challenge I reckon, is, as the corona virus gradually starts to loosen its hold on us all… will we go back to our ‘old ways’ – the same ol ‘business as usual’ thing we were doing b4?! Y’know – making money, working for the man just to pay the bills regardless of the fact we’re trashing the planet, getting by just becuase thats what we all have to do etc etc… OR could we change our trajectory? Could we move our lives onto a slightly different course? Could we steer our ships a bit more differently from now on? Could we make some big bold BEAUTIFUL changes in our lives? Changes that benefit us – AND also the Planet…

I have a question for you: Do you WANT to go back to living how you were living before…?

No. Me neither!

Christ – have you had ENOUGH of living that old way…? YEAH ME TOO!!

So Lets be brave people – lets be bold – lets be clever – & lets get to seeing how & if we can alter the way we work, act & live. How we treat other people. Do we see other people as ‘just people in our way..’ – or as fellow awesome humans. Just like us. How will do do business? As per how we were ‘told’ to do – or could we be a little – or a lot – more EMPATHIC with how we make money. Could we become – well, more human.

These are EPIC times – times of CHANGE – so – I encourage you to step into living how you want to live. To go for your dreams.. and to not be afraid of change…

I myself am making the intention to step into a life that is SLOWER, SURER, TRUER, more peaceful & more respectful in its existence…& at risk of sounding like a massive hippy, way way more on harmony with this beautiful Earth that we are so privileged to live upon…


I have just written a book called Simplify – How to stay sane in a World going Mad, & I offer it out to you at this time. It is a ‘Manual for these times’ – a funky little self-help book – designed to help you un-hook from the ‘matrix’ – live your life more simplify & more how you want to live – how to ‘un-tech’ yourself, simplify, downscale, & live more in tune with Mother Earth. Peacefully – & more happily. Ive written it during my 4 year journey of living ‘Off-the-Grid’ – a time where I myself have been un-hooking from a way of life that I didnt like – or resonate with. So if youre feeling anything similar – it should help! Its designed to help you navigate & make sense of these times of change…


You can Click here to get yourself a copy…

& here is a video about my new book – feel free to have a watch:


& stay safe.

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Why ‘Simplify’? – My experience of Living Off-Grid for two years…

simplify blog photo editWell. I don’t know about you, but recently it seems like its all becoming a bit flippin mental, isn’t it…? Modern Life. Too much INFORMATION. Too many emails. Too many Facebook posts. Too many bills to pay. Too many beeps & ringtones & phones. Too many Bonkas politicians doing too many stupid things. I don’t think we are designed to be processing this much stimuli!

Many people I know & hear about are starting to experience this kind of permanent feeling of ‘Overwhelm’ – as a reaction to the modern world & its increasingly fast Pace of life. Perhaps you know what I mean?
A few years back, I felt it so strongly that I knew I had to simplify. To downscale. To cut of all the clutter and get back to a simpler way of life.

My answer to all the noise and information overload has been to SIMPLIFY. And I’d love to tell you how you can do it too.
This is very much where the story of my Simplify Album was born…

5 years ago I made the move OFF-GRID. After waking up one morning & realising I just Couldn’t live like how I was anymore.
– Stuck in a job I didn’t like. With bills coming out of my arse.

I stepped out of Society for a bit – by moving to live in a yurt in the Wild mountains of Wales. Off grid. No phone. No wifi. No bills! Surrounded by welsh hill sheep, & hardly any people, me & my partner Pam started putting together a life outside the norm. We bought a very cheap piece of isolated farm land in the mountains, and moved, from the city, into a FIELD. Literally. No electricity. No heating. no council tax. no rent. We put up the yurt (hidden from view as it is illegal to live in a yurt), made a vegetable patch, bought a wood burner, and set up a very basic solar panel for our 1 lamp. We drank all our water from a spring on the land. I ceased paying ALL bills. no phone bill. no water bill. no electric. no car tax. nothing. I effectively, EXITED the system. We lasted about 2 years…


It was fun to begin with. The sheer Relief of stepping away from all the pressures of modern day living was incredible. I got to quite literally, Simplify.
But more than that – it was deeply Transformative in ways that I had not anticipated. It was FREEING. Financially. Energetically. On every level. I feel like during this move – I received a MASSIVE Healing. The healing I got was that I moved out of Fear – the fear that society tries to force us to live under – & I stepped into LOVE. The love of & in our land. England. Mother Earth. Gaia.

I got to experience what living 100% in the vibration of Nature was like. & it was POWERFUL. & it taught me a lot. I found out that Nature holds a VERY deep healing Power. – The ability to ‘speak’ to us. & to Guide us. We are just so programmed & ‘busy’ in our society that we have forgotten this connection. But I re-discovered it. It quite literally ‘gave’ me Songs. & these are what are on Simplify – my album. This is what I am offering out into the World thru Simplify. RE-CONNECTION.

10 Things I Learned From Living Off-Grid For 2 Years;

1- To SLOOOOW DOWN. Nature has been teaching me to slow down!
2 – To listen to my Intuition. Society would have us living so FAST as to not actually have the time to LISTEN – to hear our own intuition.
3 – To cut ties to that which doesn’t serve me. i.e. smart phones, over-priced energy companies. etc.
4 – I learnt that we do not need much of what we consider as ‘the norm’ in our modern world. & that much of it actually saps our energy.
5 – To find my POWER.
6 – How to Ground myself. Daily. To live from a GROUNDED place.
7 – To Bring in Breathing Space into my Life.
8 – I learn that we are living in a society that is Unnecessarily complicated – when in fact it doesn’t need to be!.
9 – I learn how to find my TRUE rhythms in life. To live at my Own pace, rather than the one society dictates that I follow.
10 – I learnt that Nature has ENORMOUS amounts of deep Wisdom & Power to offer us.

There is a reason the ‘Powers that be’ do not want us to live in nature. Its because they know how powerful it is! & they know that they would lose control over us if we did/do all start to move Off-Grid & into nature…


So – After 2 years of living Off-Grid & seeing & learning much – Life forced me to return back to live in society – albeit a LOT healthier & happier & saner! – with an album entitled ’Simplify’.

All the songs on the album have been written during my time of living in the mountains. Off-Grid. I guess they are songs carrying the messages of what I have experienced & learnt. and I am keen to share them. They feel like ‘Empowerment Songs’ for our age.

IF you are resonating with what I am talking about… if this subject strikes a Chord with you – I think you might really dig my album. – If you too have the urge to Simplify.

Ive made the album ‘BY DONATION‘ – & you can hear all the songs before you purchase – so feel totally free to check it out HERE.

The Album is available on Cd, or a Download.

simplify intro page ad

SO – Some sort of CONCLUSION to this WHY SIMPLIFY? Blog:

The main thing I have learnt – the thing that cripples most of us in the world – is that it is perfectly possible to ‘Un -HOOK’ from the system. From bills. rent. tax. It takes guts – but it can be done.

I feel that we are stepping into a time where that which doesn’t serve humanity is going to start dropping away. fast. But we are going to have to start making some bold personal decisions – each of us – with regards to what we choose to feed & how we choose to live. It is time to stop feeding that which doesn’t serve us. That which ‘takes the Piss’. That which is greedy & without morals. Cooperations. Over-priced energy companys. Governments.
SIMPLIFY text My advice is ‘MAKE SOME CHANGES’. Start cutting out of your life that which doesn t serve you.
For example since I’ve been back Ive moved to the GOOD ENERGY Company for my heating & elec. They are awesome. 100% renewable energy sources. Cheap. friendly. & they don’t threaten you with bailiffs at the 1st point of forgetting to pay a bill on time. Unlike most other energy companies. Do you get my point here? Lets stop feeding that which isn’t treating us right. Lets make obsolete that which is based on old-paradigm ‘lack’ mentality.
& lets FUEL that which has good Ethics. & attitudes. New-paradigm mentality.

This is how the world is going to change. If we all stop giving our POWER way to greedy dicks. Be that government, mobile-phone companies, energy companies, councils, Macdonalds, Tesco, whatever. Stop feeding them. & they will surely die off.

Leaving us with a blank canvas for an awesome new world.
Which lets face it – we ALL feel & want SO bloody much.

I have made my album Simplify with the intention to help people to Un-hook from the system. & give people Empowerment, Nature Connection, & Joy!

It has been made FOR this age we live in.

I offer this album out as something of an Antidote to the fast pace of modern life we all seem to be caught in… a reminder to slow down…

Thanks for listenin!

Big love


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I JUST REMOVED WIFI FROM MY HOUSE… – An article about Internet use in our homes.

WIFI 9This is a post about Wifi. I want to air something I am starting to feel of late… & many others I meet are also feeling too. Wifi. In all of our homes. All around us.
A hot topic I reckon. So here goes…

So – how are YOU feeling these days – with all this Technology coming into our lives more & more every year? Is it just me, or is anyone else out there starting to feel increasingly Stressed out by all this technology? So many devices & the new mentality of ‘Always ON’ – that seems to demand more & more from our everyday lives… Where is all this heading? Because I feel like it can’t keep accelerating like it is – this Intrusion into our lives… It often feels to me like it is taking over. Its not a nice feeling. It doesn’t feel sustainable. Like we are not DESIGNED to be operating like this.

I, & many others I meet all the time, are beginning to notice certain new weird kinda side-effects from being online so much of the time. Stress. A feeling of irritability. Disconnection from others. Disconnection from our wives, children, partners. From people. Is anyone else out there starting to notice any of these feelings?
Read More»

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Take the Power back. Lets start governing OURSELVES…

white lion eyes
Donald Trump is not my leader. Theresa May is NOT my leader. David Cameron was not my leader, & we’re All still waiting on a genuine leader to come along & really Lead us with Authenticity.

Im of the generation that doesnt vote. We dont vote, not because we dont care, we DO, we just dont resonate with our leaders. They dont speak our language. We dont understand them. We see THROUGH them. These are not men or women that Inspire us.

This is what my song ’Take the Power back’ is about. Its addressing the serious issue that barely ANYONE believes in our leaders anymore… & that somehow, we need to Take our power back. Out of the hands of people who are basically just working in the interests of Coorperations & big money. We need NEW LEADERS!!
Real leaders. People who inspire. and if it isnt going to happen in Politics, then it needs to happen from the GROUND UP. i.e. INSIDE of every one of us. This is the message of my song; that Politics probably isnt about to change or produce any inspiring leaders – so we must Take our OWN Power Back & start leading OURSELVES.

Please take a mo to watch my Music Video of the song. I hope it inspires you.

What we need is leadership from the BOTTOM UP. …to replace the loong out of date ‘Top-Down’ -‘King & Subject’ system that we have in place that more & more of us seem to getting sooo frustrated with.
We need to become our own Leaders. To lead ourselves. To heal the child inside of every one of us that was taught to give its power away to leaders that don’t have our best interests at heart. It started at school… we’ve all been conditioned to give our Power away! Crazy! We need to heal this wound.
This is I feel what our future looks like; People standing up and taking their own power back.
Replacing the idea that we need ‘Governing’. Espec by guys in suits who dont actually represent us or our needs.
A bright future is one where we start Governing ourselves. One where we take RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves. at all times. We strive to do the right thing. All the time. and when we dont – we learn.

I personally see this as the Solution to the state we are in. & I feel it in my BONES. In my very core. That we are ALL WAKING UP…
That we’ve had ENOUGH…

take the power back single 1 3
So Lets start making the changes that are needed in our World from the Bottom Up.

Become your own governor, Guv’nor!
Become the Inspiring Legend that inspires all those around him or her. That makes the changes that are needed in our World. Meaningful changes. Changes that MATTER.

This is what the future looks like I reckon- & when enough of us start doing this – then the need for Politicians lessens. and gradually we make the need for Politics obsolete.

Its time for a new way of doing things… we All feel it, don’t we? We all feel that something MASSIVE has to change.

Bring on the change I say.

This is the message I wanna get out there, via my Song. That its time for Collective & Personal EMPOWERMENT!
No more Slavery.
We are not children. We can do this. Change.
Change the System we live in into a fairer & more beautiful one. A more beautiful World Full stop!
Its perfectly possible.


Please Download my new Song ‘Take the Power Back’…

Listen to it LOUDLY. Help me really get this message out there. Its such a pivotal time that we live in.

May humanity claim back its power in a huge & beautiful way. 1 person at a time. Like dominoes…


Lion love



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LET THE WOMEN LEAD… A message to Men.

lionI had a dream recently.
In my dream a female Lion told me a message. She said ‘LET THE WOMEN LEAD…Let the Women lead…
I felt to share this. it feels important.
We must let the Women lead.
The men are are a little lost right now. We are finding our feet and healing but on the whole we are a little lost. Stuck in our Egos, and our defenses. The women seem to be in somewhat of a more healthy place. Yes we must catch them up. but we have much work to do.
So in the meantime lets give the women chance & space to lead.
For us to humble our egos and let go of control. Male Control is responsible for a very large part of what is wrong on planet Earth right now… its time for the Women to guide us….
Men. listen to your women. They are wise.
We have been told otherwise.
They have a deep power that doesn’t come from a place of ego.

As a man I am starting to LEARN from the feminine. I am healing my blocks so that I can LISTEN. Women have GIFTS for us…if only we can heal ourselves and our blocks to realize this.


Society has taught us many negative things about Women. That they are weak. That they are illogical. That they need to be controlled. Feared. This is Conditioning. Bullshit. Conditioning passed down to us from Weak, damaged men – the men who think they control our planet. The men who have set the rules & systems in place so rigidly that we all feel and want to change SO much!

These men need help. Actually they need to help themselves. Whether they will do that or not is another question. In the meantime, whilst they flounder and attempt to tighten their grip on our reality – We need to POWER UP, Heal ourselves & as men – start Listening to the Feminine. We must control them no longer. and we must work on ourselves so that we can be in a position to be able to listen to the feminine. For the feminine is RISING UP – Can you see it all around you? Women everywhere meeting in powerful Womens circles & groups… getting strong – healing together – whilst us men seem a little behind. Still scared to look at ourselves fully. Our Egos damaged from childhood – we have pain. We have pain in the way of being able to listen to the feminine. Our pain is what has Controlled them! In the past. and still now.

This is what we must Heal. Our BLOCKS to the feminine. To RECIEVING from them. We dont know how to let them in. We are Scared. Scared that they will hurt us. Well – this fear is that of the child inside you. & this is what we must heal: the damaged little boy inside of us men that hurts.
It has been deliberately conditioned & hurt by our society. Our mothers were conditioned by a rigid society to hurt us as children. To take our power away. to Control us. They didn’t do it deliberately. They were conditioned to do it. Social Engineering. This is what we must Undo.

I feel some of you reacting to this. Judging what I say. I honour this part of you. But at the same time I ask you.. In your body – right now – can you feel what I am saying in your body..? Does something of what i am talking about resonate with something inside you…?
I challenge you to look inside and you will feel that there is something inside you that ‘Gets’ this. Beyond the judgement & what your mind is saying… there IS something here.

Its called MALE POWER. And it lies beneath the damaged boy in you. in me. in every man on this entire planet. It looks like THIS;


Do you wanna feel like this?
Or do you wanna keep feeling like the wounded little boy…?


The answer lies in facing our wound. and seeking help to heal it.


Mens Work for me has been the thing to help me look at my wounding, and to heal it.

and then to find my Power as a man. The kind of power that RESPECTS women. not the kind of power our ‘leaders’ carry that puts women down & Controls them,

If what I am talking about ‘Pricks’ your interest – I encourage you to check out

This is a Global Network of Powerful healing for Men. This was my ‘Doorway’ into Mens Work, & healing the part of me that fears women. that fears my own Power. It is essentially ‘Male Initiation’.

It takes the boy & turns him into a Man.

Its very Powerful. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. Please do check it out if you’re feeling this blog.


In a nutshell our women have Gifts for us. Gifts we have been conditioned not to Receive. These are the gifts of softness, of Wisdom, of gentleness. as well as Powerfulness. They go hand in hand. Gentleness & Powerfulness CAN sit beside each other.

Women have been stood upon and repressed for centuries for a reason…because they are Powerful. Some of them dont even know it yet – but they are starting to find it – and we need to rise (& soften) to the challenge to MEET them. Because they are starting to ask this of us!


This song of mine ’TAKE THE POWER BACK‘ (Click HERE to Download it) was written in response to my woman walking away from me because I wasn’t MEETING her. and thru her walking away from me for a while – i was challenged to go & start looking for my male Power. I’ve found a little of it. and now she offers her hand to me again. and I find myself beginning to to be able to see her, and to receive from her. and frankly it is the most Delicious feeling. Such a Relief!

My partner and I and some friends are offering this Retreat in June for Couples & Singles to open themselves up to some of what I am talking about in this blog; Intimacy. Trust. Meeting. Softening. Seeing each other without all the shit that gets in the way.

Should be juicy. You can book a place on this Retreat HERE;


A word on ‘Women Leading…’

The Women are becoming very ready to step up. Many of them are starting to be in a strong place..

So lets let the women ’Step in & Step Up’.

Lets let them take the centre stage for a while , whilst we go heal.

& then we can join them, & things can balance out a bit!

That what I got.

Lion love


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Why are so many of us feeling such a lot of Pain at the moment…?


Look around you. People in general, are not in a particularly good place right now. People are for want of a better phrase; ‘Feeling their shit.’
– Either that, or they are desperately seeking to distract themselves from feeling their shit. Hence the insane smart phone addiction we are starting to see very rapidly in the world.

This is a positive blog post – so fret not and read on if you will.. for I am not about to start ranting about mobile phone addiction. What I want to address – & help people with – is WHY are we all feeling our shit so much right now..?

Ill tell you why. not that I am an authority, but this is just my opinion, based on personal experience and my intuition.

We are facing our shit, or desperately distracting ourselves from it, because the Earth, y’know, our beautiful planet that we live on, is RISING IN FREQUENCY. It has been doing so since the year 2012, & will continue to do so. As it rises in frequency (it used to resonate at a frequency of 8 hertz & currently has risen to 13 hertz..) it is FORCING us to rise in frequency too.
‘Why is it rising in frequency?’ …I hear you ask.. Well it is rising in frequency because since 2012 the Earth has moved into a new era.
We are entering a new era. a new paradigm. Because it is clear that things as they stand aren’t working. and this new era ushers in CHANGE. Worldwide change. and the change starts with OURSELVES first.a

Which bring us nicely to ‘Why are we feeling our shit?‘. The anwer is – because the Earth is forcing us to change. Individually and collectively. As a people. because it knows that things can’t go on like they are. that something has to shift.

So, we are being called, by the rising frequency of the earth beneath our feet, to face our shit. To FEEL. To fully feel ourselves, and to fully feel the earth. As so many of us have become sooo utterly disconnected from the earth. and that is the reason we are, as a race, doing such damage to the earth. because we cant actually FEEL her. We have become NUMB.

Why have we become numb? Because we have been traumatized. We have been conditioned to live in a society that doesn’t really acknowledge feelings. or respect the earth. We have – literally- Spiritual Trauma. We have somehow been conditioned to become separate from the earth we live on. Except many of us are waking up, seeing this, and sensing that something is not right, and seeking to find out what that ‘not right ‘ is.

And so we come to our Trauma. Our PAIN. For many of us something that we don’t talk about. But no longer. As we realise that something is wrong, it starts with ourselves. FACING ourselves. Facing ‘what isn’t right’ – in ourselves. and remedying it.

We can remedy it with HEALING.

earth warriorsThere are so many ways to get help with healing these days, as healing becomes more & more the norm. Yoga, Meditation, 5 rhythms dancing, Shamanic healing, reiki healing, trauma release, breath work, the list is enormous.
But the basic fact remains; It is TIME to face our SHIT. As a species.
To see what, and why. we are doing to each other and the planet. and it it TIME to make those changes. And it starts with you.

I think it is obvious that our ‘leaders’ are not going to be the ones healing themselves, god knows I wish they would, – so the reason that so many of us are feeling our pain, is because the earth is saying ‘ OI! YOU! Dan, Samantha or whatever your name is… You need to STEP UP. Your leaders aren’t doing much to sort the world out, in fact they are utterly utterly lost, so YOU need to be the one that heals your self, and be the one that makes the changes.

Once we start to face our pain, & heal our disconnection with the earth beneath us, we start to become very Powerful. More powerful than our leaders in fact. as they bumble, battle & argue, we step up – and start to make the changes that need making – ‘from the Ground Up‘.

Once we start to heal our pain & our spiritual disconnection, we have the Power of the earth beneath us and the power of the universe behind us!! How awesome is that?! Its totally awesome. Once you have the power of the earth ‘willing’ you on, you are UNSTOPPABLE.

But you gotta do the personal work first. thats the deal.

So. thats my theory. that what I feel is going on.

Changes are needed. It us that need to make them.

I encourage you to ‘fully go there’. Seek out the help you need to really heal your traumas. the things that are holding you back from being all that you are supposed to be…

The rest is up to you.


HERE is a song of mine that came to me at Glastonbury festival 2 years ago – it is a song about facing your pain. a song designed to take you deeply into your deep self to shed light on what might need looking at inside you…

Its called ‘Time to Feel‘. I offer it to you as a gift.

Please Click here to download it, or to listen to it. It is from my upcoming album ‘Simplify’.


lots of love

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We need New leaders!! (or no leaders?)

lion roaring big

Let me tell you something Im not very proud of. I went to public school. yes. Boarding school. the kind of school where our leaders & politicians were educated. I was expelled. For basically ‘having none of their bullshit’. I always questioned everything, the rules, what we were learning, & so I was asked to leave. and I was very happy to. But it still did its damage. I left school actually very traumatized by what I was subjected to there. and its only in my 30’s that I understand what was done to me there. at that public school.

Why am I writing about this I hear you asking…? Im writing about this because what I am healing in myself (& have been for 10 years now) is precisely what our ‘leaders‘ – the likes of David Cameron & in fact all heads of corporations & politicians should be healing. Themselves.

I write this because most of us these days see & feel very clearly that the system that runs our world is broken. It doesn’t have our best interests at heart – or the planet’s. It is a system of ‘Profit before honour.’ Of Greed – and insensitivity & frankly, denial.

What I am seeing in healing my ‘boarding school trauma’ – is that there is a reason the world is like it is. It is because our leaders are severely traumatized. They have the very same trauma that I am healing. Im writing this with an ‘inside-view’. because Ive been there. to the very same places that our leaders were made. and let me tell you what these boarding schools do to you; they BREAK you emotionally. They NUMB you. at a very base level. they inflict sooo many intense rules onto you with severe punishment (physical beating) if you disobey. which i did. throughout. I can’t tell you how many times I was beaten. by my ‘Masters’ as we were made to call them. I was beaten probably 50-60 times over 10 years. and so were lots & lots of other boys. I was 9 years old when most of the beatings took place.

I have grown up, well, my reaction to boarding school was to go in the very opposite direction. So I became very alternative. I still am. But I have grown up with severe anger problems. which i have been healing very intensely of late. this is anger about having been beaten.

I write about this, not to disclose my deepest inner being, but to highlight WHY our world is the way it is currently. It is the way it is because the people that shape it – are traumatized, cold, emotionally disconnected people. Just like I would be if I hadn’t chosen to heal my shit. and I still know some of these people. & they are, well, they are numb. They do a good job at appearing to be really together on the surface. but underneath lies a big shadow. and this is what needs addressing. the shadow behind our leaders. yoga

I would suggest that our Politicians, & most of the people that shape our world – are emotionally disconnected, traumatized people who need healing. Only they don’t know how or where to get it from. as in that world healing is considered ‘weird’. Except that nowadays ‘healing‘ is becoming more & more accepted, embraced and mainstream – it is time that our leaders should start to HEAL THEMSELVES. …Or be replaced by people that have done the inner work that makes them REAL human empathic emotionally functioning people. Not numb egomaniacs.

This is when our world will start to change.

and I would suggest it is time those of us that are doing the inner healing work start to STEP UP – and take roles of influence of change in this time of seeming crisis.

We want leaders – new paradigm leaders – people who are BELIEVABLE, HONEST & REAL. Sincere caring people who actually give a shit. people who know how to love themselves.

The only way things are going to change is if these people make the changes from the ground up.

What do you say?

Lets take the power back.

Lets change the way things are done. Its TIME!!!

Start with yourself – and then ripple it out. bigger & bigger. Infuence your sphere & the people around you. with LOVE. and integrity. & authentic Power.

Lets make some Changes round here…

lion roaring 1

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Our NEW ALBUM Campaign…

Hello good people

I am excited to announce that we have started work on a brand new Album!

We wanna make some medicine music for this age… because I don’t know about you, but man – I need some soothing in this 21st century…

We want to make a new Album of music to Ground, Calm, and reconnect people back to the EARTH a bit more… an album that is quite literally – something of an ANTIDOTE to the fast pace of modern life.  

Here is a video about our new Album – it was filmed by a beautiful old spring well nr Glastonbury…

Click on it to watch…

spring vid still

& this our Album Campaign; Click to have a look.

‘Tell us about the new Album Bob…’

Ok. I shall! – The direction of the new album is sounding more folky than our last Album. A lot EARTHIER. Most of the new songs were written in New Zealand, which is a very clear & earthy country! Like our last album – we intend to MASH UP the styles and genres into a melting pot of goodness for you.

studio Pic
The Album is feeling really good. Both Funky & calm at the same time.

So this Pledge Campaign is to try to raise the funding needed for us to enter a studio and record, arrange & love our new songs into existence…

If you can spare a fiver or more then that would really help us.

Enjoy the springtime sunshine


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DOG EAT DOG WORLD…? I think not…


My dear Dad recently said to me something that didnt sit right. (sorry dad) He said ‘Rob, its a DOG EAT DOG World. Thats Human Nature. Its just the way things are.’ And I pondered, but quickly realsised that that statement just didnt sit right inside me. And I went on with my day.

But recently something really big has felt like its changing in the World…in my interactions with people I know and work with, and in people I see in the street… there is a SHIFT happening. Suddenly the ‘Dog eat dog’ mentality- the mindset of ‘get one over your fellow man b4 he does the same to you‘ is NO LONGER WORKING
Something is Changing. and its very new.
Do you feel it?

What is happening? Well yes obviously its quite a chaotic time. People are generally having quite a hard time. Mentally, physically, & financially. But why? What is happening is a Shift. A Global Shift. 2012 marked the beginning of this shift. and we’re now 3 years into it. and it aint gonna stop!! This is merely the beginning.
Have a watch of this video below. It really helps explain what is happening…

Something New is coming thru to Planet Earth. the old ways AREN’T working any longer. Its pretty obvious is it not? Look around you. the planet is being plundered with no Consideration for the future generations. Its all been about Profit, profit, profit. Whatever the consequences. Personal gain. Short-term thinking.
What is happening is that this way of thinking and acting on Planet earth is coming to an end. We have now entered the time of FIERCE LOVE. Of Fierce Truth. Of whatever is not in harmony with the Planet will increasingly be brought to justice. A new law is being drafted right now called ‘ECOSIDE’. This will make crimes against the Earth well,CRIMES. In the near future People will go to jail for commiting ‘Ecoside’. Crimes against the Earth.

So if the old ways are not working so well anymore – then what is coming in its place…?
Well, what is coming -quite fast it seems- is a new way of Working and relating to each other in the World. A way of ‘Dog HONOUR Dog’ or ‘Human Honour Human’.
This ISNT just hippy stuff – this is happening – its happening in businesses, new models are being tried & worked all around the World… & its happening to me, and to you. And the more we EMBRACE this new way – the more we will Thrive.
(& the more we ignore these changes – & try to cling to the old – the more we will suffer and struggle.)
Its about NOT fucking over your fellow man…! Its about HONOURING your fellow man. Its about SEEING your fellow man… and its about NOT FEARING your fellow man. I guess ultimately its about loving your fellow man. Be it a business competitor, friend, or just random person in the street.

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news from the New Zealand Tour/ ADVENTURE


Wow. So it feels like Im in deepest WILDEST New Zealand…its been 4 months, 3 vans, 29 Gigs, and 7000 miles since I arrived into this country. What a journey! Ive grown a big beard, since most men it seems out here have beards and I was feeling a bit clean cut without one playing gigs… y’know – unbearded white english guy playing music to lots of bearded men?! Nope. beard it was.

So much to tell. where to begin. I think Ill just be random otherwise we’ll be here all day.
So. Ive done a LOT of GIGs. and without doubt the hugest driving distances Ive ever done in my whole life. Days upon days upon days of driving to get to just one Gig! crazy. I’ve lived in my small camper van the entire time. Ive been parking up at night in wild places, normally places next to water where I can wash. sometimes the sea. sometimes a lake. sometimes when Im too tired to find anywhere nice- just the side of the road. big trucks trundling by thru the night.


A couple of weeks ago, late at night after a great gig, a bit drunk, I managed to drive my camper van into a large ditch right next to a cliff. the entire van was stuck half in ditch – other half sticking right up in the air at the most incredibly dangerous angle… pretty scary. I went looking for someone to help. this is like in the middle of bloody nowhere…out in the hills. eventually a bearded man passed me on the road in an old tractor…i flagged him down and he kindly pulled my van out of the cliff/ditch. When i offered him some money as a thank you he kindly refused. When I asked him what he did for a living he told me he was a Gold miner! At that point i realised I was in deep New Zealand.

One subject I wanted to cover is the DIFFERENCES between living in New Zealand and the UK. There are many differences. notably this country is a WHOLE lot less UPTIGHT!!! People here seem more HUMAN. it made made me quite upset when I first got here because I felt it immediately… the realness of people, the unconditional friendliness of people, the way people are just SOOO much less hurried and stressed. People are much more PRESENT here. And it makes me feel sad about just how UNPRESENT most of us can be back in the UK.
When people talk to you they are just kind of fully there.

So, the tour is slowly coming to the end…I’ve played something nearing 35 gigs all around the entire country…all sorts of gigs, most in truly Quirky places, a few in horrible drunken bars to people who didn’t particularly want to hear it, but most others in amazing places full or eccentric & thoroughly alive Kiwis… the best gig i hear you ask me…? well our best gig no doubt was playing as the headline band at Evolve festival in Nelson, South Island, to a thousand dancing groovers on the full moon. that was the best gig. AmAZING.
One other reflection I am having out here is noticing the curious contrast between the DEEP rich stunning real VAST Nature out here and the gradual incoming of our greedy capitalist culture to this pure and real country…
in the Uk we are just used to this…the ugly signs of capitalisation reaching all over England, but here here most of New zealand is just untouched nature…VAST vast plains, mountains and valleys…just like in the Tolkien movies. and then one drives to a town…and slowly creeping in are the ugliness of MacDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc…It is truly a STARK contrast.
Beautiful deep nature and the unnatural energy and obvious greed of these companys trying to get a grip in these lands. sad. kind of surreal. Ive noticed these companies target poor areas …people who can’t afford to eat good food. People who don’t have any choice. These companies are BLOODSUCKERS! These companies have gotta go. their intention is so see-through. so deeply unempathic. so pathetic. I truly will never set foot in any chain like that again.

So. on a positive note. for yes we like to keep things positive round here… we aren’t quite done in New Zealand yet. we have 5 gigs left. beautiful ones. in Nelson, Takaka, Christchurch and Prana festival. But we also have 2 Recording sessions booked out here!!!! I felt like i wanted to capture some of the GROUNDING energy of this truly deep and vast land. playing music out here is a very different experience from playing in the UK. the reggae feels like it goes DEEPER… Im picking up on powerful tribal MAORI energies in the land and they are coming out in my music a little. some places more than others. So yeah we’re going to record 5 NEW SONGS out here…in 10 days time. Im starting to feel a New Album wanting to be Born. this feels like a good way to start recording it…

exciting!! A new album… the one thing on planet earth that really makes me feel like I belong here.

Ill let you know how the recording goes, if you’re interested, and Ill maybe start to make the new songs available when they are ready…


I hope this blog post finds you well, inspired and happy.

Signing off from a truly inspired adventure and amazing gigs out here in beautiful New Zealand. Ill be sad to leave, but also excited about returning to my homeland of England… a place with faults yes but also a land of powerful magic and awesomeness. We just need to uncover the magic a little more… you with me?

xx Bob

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